Covid 19


With the support of hundreds of volunteers
across the country, we have formed
Collective - HOPE.



​We are sharing verified and useful contacts for procuring medicines, injections, oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, and more. We are working on five platforms. Please check them out. 






We know these are extremely tough times to live through and our minds and bodies have suffered a lot in this pandemic. As many of us, quarantined in our own rooms, battle with COVID even today, we believe that if we come together in solidarity we can help save lives and support those in need. 

One plasma donor, one oxygen cylinder, or one injection can save a life today. Those in serious condition need your help, our help to find those leads. As helpline numbers go unattended and cries for help go unanswered we want to form a collective of people who want to share contacts of donors, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and more. If you want to help people in these extraordinary times, please join this WhatsApp group in order to find useful contacts and help those in need. Also, please check our Drive where we are constantly updating our lists with the latest verified contacts. Follow us on Twitter where we will keep you posted about all available medical facilities and important contacts. We are taking to Instagram and Facebook to post our verified sources and will soon make a guide.

This volunteering work will be online with simple tasks of surfing the internet, building contacts, verifying sources and collecting information from similar collectives.

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